Python Variables

In this tutorial, you will learn about Python variables with the help of examples.

In programming, a variable is a container that is used to store values. For example,

age = 25
Assign value to variable
Assign value to a variable


  • age is a variable,
  • 25 is the value stored in the variable age, and
  • = is the operator used to store value to a variable.

Variables can store different types of data types. In this example, the variable age is storing an integer type.

To learn more about data types, visit Python data types.

We can simply print a variable using the print() function. For example,

age = 25
# print the variable age
print(age) # 25

Note that if we use the quotation '' in the print statement, Python considers it as a string. For example,

age = 25
# variable with quotation
# prints the string
# Output: age

Declare Variables Before Use

We cannot use a variable before defining them. For example,

age = 25
# use the name variable without defining it
# error


NameError: name 'name' is not defined

Change Value of a Variable

In Python, we can change the value stored in a variable. For example,

city = 'New York'
print(city)  # New York 
# change the value of city
city = 'California'
print(city)  # California

Here, the value of the variable city is changed from 'New York' to 'California'.

Note: You do not have to explicitly define the variable type in Python. When we assign 'New York' to the variable city, it automatically declares city as a string.

Assign One Variable To Another

We can also assign one variable to another. For example,

city = 'New York'
destination_city = 'California'
# assign one variable to another
city = destination_city
print(city)  # California

Here, we have assigned the value of destination_city to city using the = operator.

Rules of Naming Variables in Python

Here are the rules for naming variables:

  • A variable name can consist of alphabets, digits, and an underscore.
  • Variables cannot have special symbols like $, @, #, etc.
  • Variable names cannot begin with a number. For example, 1name.

By the way, we should always try to give meaningful variable names. This makes your code easier to read and understand.

Good, Bad and Illegal Variable Names

Illegal Variable Bad Variable Good Variable
date time dati dateTime
city-name cn city_name
20n numb number
s@lary sal salary
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